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Our Mission is to promote the preservation and protection of historic structures and sites through advocacy, education, involvement, and public and private investment.

Since its founding in 1977, Historic Tyler has promoted the preservation and appreciation of Tyler’s architectural and cultural historic resources through education, advocacy and committed action. Historic Tyler is dedicated to the preservation, revitalization, and continued use of Tyler’s historic resources. Membership in Historic Tyler helps ensure that historic preservation has a voice in Tyler’s future economic and cultural development. The ability to deliver our precious historic past for generations is in your hands now. Your donations and support of Historic Tyler, Inc. are greatly appreciated. With your help we can lay a cornerstone for tomorrow.


The 2019 Preservation Award

Congratulations James "Jim" Jones on receiving the 2018 Preservation Award!

Congratulations James “Jim” Jones
on receiving the 2018 Preservation Award!

Born and raised in Tyler.

His mother grew up on Elm Street behind Marvin Methodist Church, where he is a Sunday School teacher.

As a little boy, he was fascinated with trains . Why wouldn’t he be….His Grandfather was the Treasurer of the Cotton Belt Railroad. His wife claims “Trains are all about the house!”

Our Recipient was an Alumnus of Gary, Hogg AND Hubbard Junior Schools, Lee High School, and TJC . In Austin, he received a degree in Chemical Engineering at UT …. and at UTT , he received a Master of Business Administration.

He has been employed by La Gloria Oil and Gas Co. in Tyler and Oil and Turner & Mason Co. in Dallas

He and his wife lived in Dallas 17 years and returned to Tyler 8 years ago.
He’s been married to Debbie 38 years.

The couple are parenting their 14-year-old granddaughter.

Our Preservation Award winner is passionate about Tyler history and preservation.

He is on the Cotton Belt Depot Board and he is also on the Oakwood Cemetery Board. You will see him at the Oakwood Cemetery as a Spirit of Oakwood during the Azalea Trail .

He is currently working with Historic Tyler, Inc. to provide Self-Guided Tours of Oakwood Cemetery.

Thank you for all you do for preservation in Tyler…..James “Jim” Jones…..2019 Historic Tyler Preservation Award

Precious Legacy

Tyler’s heritage is disappearing. Landmarks such as the 1909 Smith County Courthouse, the Blackstone Hotel, the Fire Station, and numerous historic residential dwellings no longer exist. All have fallen victim to the wrecking ball or have decayed from neglect. Others are endangered. Why? A lack of funds to undertake proper preservation measures. It is vital that we preserve Tyler’s past for future generations. This legacy will be lost without intervention.

The concerns that Historic Tyler addresses are shared by all Tylerites, not just those who live in older neighborhoods or who own historic properties. Urban revitalization and economic diversification, defense of neighborhood integrity and authenticity of place, preservation of green space and protection of historic resources are among the most critical issues we face. We are making a positive impact on quality of life throughout Tyler.