Welcome to Historic Tyler!

Our Mission is to promote the preservation and protection of historic structures and sites through education, involvement, and public and private investment.

Since its founding in 1977, Historic Tyler has promoted the preservation and appreciation of Tyler’s architectural and cultural historic resources through education, advocacy and committed action. Historic Tyler is dedicated to the preservation, revitalization, and continued use of Tyler’s historic resources. Membership in Historic Tyler helps ensure that historic preservation has a voice in Tyler’s future economic and cultural development. The ability to deliver our precious historic past for generations is in your hands now. Your donations and support of Historic Tyler, Inc. are greatly appreciated. With your help we can lay a cornerstone for tomorrow.



Thanks to: Acme Oil Services, Alan Utz & Associates, 3P Industries, Henderson Glass, Fastenal, East Texas Fasteners, Sarah Cumming, Nancy Heidrick, Shane McGurie, John Musselman, Michael Romines



This iconic historic property sits at 901 North Broadway. It has been a school, an attention center, a church and now Tyler’s first Private Christian School in North Tyler. The Promise Academy and The New Days Community Church share the stately building. Together they received a $3,500 grant from Historic Tyler, Inc. to freshen up the 87 year old building. The exterior façade was gently washed and cleaned to showcase the beautiful historic lights. Many of the lights were missing glass and in need of cleaning and repair. Historic Tyler board member Steve Heidrick took the lead with Pastor Bob Brewer to get the job done!

Precious Legacy

Tyler’s heritage is disappearing. Landmarks such as the 1909 Smith County Courthouse, the Blackstone Hotel, the Fire Station, and numerous historic residential dwellings no longer exist. All have fallen victim to the wrecking ball or have decayed from neglect. Others are endangered. Why? A lack of funds to undertake proper preservation measures. It is vital that we preserve Tyler’s past for future generations. This legacy will be lost without intervention.

The concerns that Historic Tyler addresses are shared by all Tylerites, not just those who live in older neighborhoods or who own historic properties. Urban revitalization and economic diversification, defense of neighborhood integrity and authenticity of place, preservation of green space and protection of historic resources are among the most critical issues we face. We are making a positive impact on quality of life throughout Tyler.