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Historic Landmarks

The Historic Landmark designation program is the City’s oldest and best-known preservation program, it was implemented in 1983 with the intention of highlighting and protecting historically significant properties and places int he City of Tyler. The Historic Landmark designation recognizes structures or places that have historic value or that exemplify cultural, economic or social value to the City, the State of Texas, or the United States. Once a structure or property becomes a Historic Landmark, its exterior architectural features cannot be altered unless a Certificate of Appropriateness is issued by the Historical Preservation Board. Approved landmarks are presented the iconic red rose landmark plaque for display and all designated landmark structures are eligible for a tax benefit in that 50% of the assewssed value (up to $2,000,000) of any structure will be eligible for an exemption from annual City ad valorem taxes. See Tyler City Code Sec. 10-793 and Sec. 10-776 for applicable fees.

See map of Historic Districts and Landmarks in Tyler.

Read Tyler’s Historic Landmark Application Form